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Construction Technology

  • Repair and maintenance technology of gas heated pavement Hot road maintenance system, as an alternative to traditional road and pit repair methods, has high cost, high noise, and generates waste and dust. The thermal heater produces a permanent heat seal and seamless repair to rebuild the original integrity of the road, requiring only a minimum of new materials.
  • Non slotting construction technology of joint grouting machine Cleaning and drying the damaged pavement is the most important stage in all repair processes. Compressed air blown by the blower is ejected from the nozzle of special structure to ensure that the hole is cleaned and dry. Start the emulsified asphalt pump, spray emulsified asphalt to the bottom and peripheral cracks of the damaged clean surface, and the network structure formed at the root can play an additional supporting role.
  • Repair technology in the process of road repair It is suitable for repairing pavement without milling machine and paver, only aggregate and emulsified asphalt are used; the two materials (aggregate and asphalt) are stored separately until the last moment before application; there is no need to purchase a small amount of asphalt mixture every day, and the aggregate and asphalt are stored separately near the construction site.